Flying Lady


Flying Lady

A bronze flying lady on a base of marble and a semi-precious stone

A bronze sculpture portraying a bronze lady flying on a base of marble and a semi-precious stone. The beautiful bronze arrangement of this sculpture is eye-catching.


Reference number: F34

Height: 44 cm.

Manufacturer: Ebano, Ric- Art

Material: Bronze, Marble, Crystal

Country of production: Spain

Signed with Certificate


EBANO was founded in 1983 in the city of Barcelona and soon became one of the premier companies specialising in the design and manufacture of items enhanced with semiprecious stones for the gift and decoration market.

Later, the works of the prestigious sculptors D. Manel Vidal and D. José Luis de Casasola were introduced to its line of products. At this moment, semiprecious stones stops being the protagonist to complement some of the sculptures of these authors.

Ebano’s mission is marked by the constant search for new market trends without sacrificing quality to maintain the artisan production characteristics.

Consolidated in the Spanish market from its very beginnings, the seriousness and the rigor of the well done job made us pass the frontiers and enabled us to be one of the leading companies in the market of exports for gift and decoration.



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