Bronze statues are an exceptional great wedding gift, bronze gifts for a babyshower or great bronze gifts for anniversaries. The Bronze Gallery has a special section for wedding planners, to rent a statue to use during a wedding, a wedding proposal, to announce a wedding, to very elegantly have someone bring the wedding rings or engagement rings or just involve the bronze statue to the party! The bronze statues are a gift that lasts a lifetime! Elegant bronze statues, classy bronze sculptures, they are special the owner.

The bronze sculptures are decorated by nature stones like marble, travertin and a lot of semi precious stones like amethyst, several different types of crystal, agate and much more. The bronze horse statues in front of an agate plate are stunning to see, specially if a light shines through the agate!
Beautiful bronze statues that look great in an office interior and will give class to any home. The bronze sculptures of The Bronze Gallery are classy and so are you! Show others the quality and the class that you have. Match your interior with the class of the bronze statues and bronze sculptures of The Bronze Gallery.

Our collection of statues of Love are plenty to chose from; bronze couples, the male protecting the female, couples that hold each other, a bronze statue that can hold the wedding rings, or engagement rings, or to announce an wedding, use the bronze statue to make a marriage proposal, bronze statues that you can use to reveil the pregnancy, babyshower or to celebrate the birth. The elderly bronze couple is heart warming, look at it and feel your response.

Enjoy our amazing bronze statues!



Every horse lover wants these beautiful sculptures in his or her collection!


Lovely quality pieces of bronze art perfect for the modern interior!

Clocks & Shells

Beautiful and unique bronze sculptures combined with shells and semi-precious stones!


A wonderful bronze gift for your loved one combined with semi-precious stones!


Beautiful bronze sculptures for a loving family. What a beautiful symbol of solidarity!


Beautiful symbolic gift from bronze sculptures combined with semi-precious stones!


A wonderful quality piece of bronze Lady combined with semi-precious stones!


Wonderful quality pieces of bronze  man art perfect for the modern interior!


A wonderful gift for a loved one's pregnancy. What a beautiful memory!