The Bronze Gallery has great bronze human statues for sale. Bronze statues in heavy quality bronze, used the lost wax casting bronze method. The casting of the bronze is difficult but the artists that work with the bronze are skilled bronze processors. The bronze statues are a work of art, but depict humans in their natural form. A bronze woman in various positions, a bronze loving couple, a bronze couple with child, bronze pregnancy statues, a bronze mother with children and much more.
The bronze human statues are decorated with nature stone like marble and travertin and semi precious stones and there is a sculpture of a bronze couple on a stand of bronze.  Just before the lost wax cast is set, the bronze metal expands which is perfect to fill the mould completely, making sure all the details are visible. The bronze faces are in high detail, even fingernails are visible on the bronze statues. Enjoy looking closely at the pictures of these amazing pieces of bronze art!

Bronze Couple Wing

A bronze ​lovers couple rest​ing on a ​travertine base with semi precious stones

This bronze statue shows two lovers who hold each other, the wings of an angel protecting them. The artist crafted this sculpture in high detail​. More examples on the 'couples' page. A beautiful gift, are you that angel? ​More information..

Lying Lady

A bronze ​woman lying on a base of ​semi-precious stones and a marble plate

A relaxed woman, her dress draped over the crystals, the artist of Ebano created a beauty in bronze! The arrangement is an eye-cather for a luxury environment. ​High quality bronze and highly detailed. An awesome gift! More information..  


A bronze ​woman kneeling on a marble base

This bronze lady is kneeling on a marble plate. Her beautiful face, torso and hands are crafted in high detail, even her fingernails are visible, just click the picture to see. ​The statue is not very ​tall, but it has class and is a definite eye-catcher!​ More information..

Couple with Child

A bronze couple with child on a ​travertine base

A bronze sculpture portraying a couple with a child, situated on a symbolic tree of love, growth and bonding, ​supported by a travertine base. this tall bronze statue is highly detailed and crafted in heavy bronze quality. ​No nipples are visible. More information..


A bronze couple supported by a ​nature stone base

A bronze sculpture of a couple of lovers, leaning against each other, holding hands, resting on a ​nature stone base. The bronze pair is beautifully crafted and is eye-catching to look at. This is a lovely quality piece of bronze art.  More Information..


A bronze lov​ers couple rest​ing on a travertine base

A bronze statue of a man and a woman on a travertine base. The man shows his love by giving her a rose. The bronze pair is beautifully ​crafted and ​in high detail. This is a beautiful quality bronze art, perfect for the modern interior. More information..

Bronze Torso, Lady

A bronze statue rested on a ​travertine base, decorated with semi-precious stones

A bronze statue of a lady sitting by a male torso, resting on a ​travertine base with semi-precious stones. The bronze sculpture is ​crafted in high detail by the artist. This is an eye-cather for every entry!​ More information..


A bronze loving couple supported by a bronze base

A bronze sculpture of a couple of nude lovers, holding each other, resting on a bronze base. Their love is tangible, holding each other. The sculpture is highly detailed, check the picture. This statue will draw attention in any environment! ​ More information..